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Kundalini Yoga


Kundalini yoga is an ancient technology and science that activates health, potential and capacity. It works with powerful and relaxing breathing, visualisation, dynamic asanas (postures) mantras (chants) along with mudras (hand gestures).

It is taught in kriyas (a series of postures) that are designed to bring about a transformation and balance through working a particular system of the body (i.e. the nervous, endocrine, lymphatic and immune system). It is often called ‘a yoga of awareness’ as it expands consciousness and emphasises the flow of movement within any given kriya.

Yoga means union. Classes aim to stretch and challenge the mind, body and spirit enabling inner strength, balance and relaxation. Through working with the body, breath and voice, participants begin to find flexibility, clarity and develop vital tools that help deal with everyday stresses. Yogi Bhajan was a master of kundalini yoga and came to the West to share the ancient teachings of yoga to help westerners shift in consciousness.

Through supporting the nervous system and energy bodies to balance, it trains the mind to focus and deal with the onslaught of stresses that are a symptom of our times. Through preparation the body becomes a container and vessel for the mind to thrive.



Improved flexibility

Calmness in mind and body

Positive attitude

Improved mental balance

Better awareness and connection in the body

Improved sleep patterns

An overall radiance


Each class will start with a tuning in mantra, a warm up, followed by a kriya, relaxation or meditation and a tuning out to ground and focus your energy at the end.


This yoga cultivates consciousness of mind, body and spirit. The positive effects will penetrate into your lives and can manifest in numerous ways.

Frequently Used Mantras 

Useful Guidelines



Lovely yoga class last week in London. I really enjoyed your teaching and the space you held for us in your class. It was very beautiful. Thank you for offering such a lovely service in London. May you be blessed with an abundance of beautiful, bountiful and blissful students in your future classes. Blessings

Siri Mukta

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